GapCap Case Study

Who are GapCap?

GapCap are a cashflow finance company based in Central London. Founded in 2014, they are a team of 10 strong and since adopting electronic signatures, rely on Signable as a key tool they use every day in their office in order to finalise deals.

Their problem…

As a company which provide cashflow to UK SMEs, helping to fund the gap between raising an invoice and getting it paid, a unique selling point for GapCap is their fast response time between when someone needs money and when their funds are paid.

Having had experience with using electronic signatures before as signers, Alex Fenton, CEO, realised that this solution would be critical to the growth of their business.

After getting over the initial insecure feeling that comes with the unfamiliarity of eSignatures and their legal standing, Alex saw fit to go ahead with finding the electronic signature solution that would suit GapCap.

“I was always a bit worried about the legal standing. But after working with our lawyers to find a solution that made everything quicker, it’s now worth using because they do have the legal standing that we and everyone requires”

Gap Cap

“We use Signable every day”

Since adoption, Signable’s has managed to scale according to the company’s growth. GapCap took on eSignatures at a crucial, embryonic stage for the company. Before Signable GapCap’s process would involve opening Word to create documents, converting to a PDF and then sending off to the client. Which once received, would require printing it off, scanning it and sending back. Now all is needed is clicking and ticking boxes.

“It makes life hell of a lot easier.”

Now as an established player in their market, Alex is pleased to see how Signable has been able to send documents at the scale it’s needed. Giving the team “full confidence” for future use.

“Signable makes our life a lot easier. And I think that is the be-all and end-all when it comes to electronic signatures. Which is great.”

“Our fastest transaction is 26 minutes – from the moment an invoice lands on our desk to the moment we got the cash out the door. And to that end, if we didn’t have electronic signatures; we simply wouldn’t have that”

Our solution…

After researching which eSignature provider to choose and finding an article which compared the available options. Comments highlighting the level of “love and care” given by Signable’s success team prompted Alex to pick up the phone.

Running an already busy company, Alex didn’t want an onboarding process of being sold to repeatedly and booking in demos. Alex wanted to be able to be shown what it was, and whether it worked and whether it was suitable.

And Signable did that “within two and half hours.”

“The ease of signing up was the main reason for choosing Signable... The user interface is just, very very simple. Not simple bad, but simple easy”

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