Electronic Signature law guide [whitepaper]

A full breakdown of our legal compliance with eIDAS and UK electronic signature law. You’ll get a list of our legal features as well as exclusive Post-Brexit information about what happens when we leave the EU.



Future PropTech official eSignature guide

Didn’t go to Future: PropTech this year but still want to know what happened? Here’s the official PropTech eSignature guide to download.


eSignatures and HR – Industry guide

We know you’re probably looking for the best human resources tools, well we’ve got you covered.

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Brinkleys’ estate agents – Case study

See how other estate agents have benefitted from using real estate agent tools like eSignatures, to save them crucial time.

Presenting…Brinkelys’ estate agents!

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Property and electronic signatures – Industry guide

In the property market? Want to know which is the best electronic signature for real estate?

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Hudson accounting consulting – Case study

Time is really money when you’re in accounting, we get it! Take a look at how one of our finance customers, Hudson accounting consulting gives you their experience first hand.

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Gap Cap Finance case study

Want to know how much you could save? This in depth review from Gap Cap finance gives a full outline of how much they’ve actually saved over their first year.

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Finance industry guide

Our ultimate guide to electronic signature software for accountants!

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GDPR simply explained – Video series

GDPR is a huge topic that’s still catching companies out. We’ve put together a video series to give you all the tips you need, GDPR simply explained for you to avoid that hefty fine.

Click to view the full series here.


Law industry guide – eSignatures for law

Work in Law? Want to know how eSignatures can make your life better, and faster? We’ve got you covered!

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