eSignatures FAQ

Create a free Signable account and get 14 days of sending documents and contracts to be signed with electronic signatures.

Create e signature documents

With Signable you can get your documents signed online quickly and easily. Simply upload the document in question to your account, add where and what you would like to be signed, add who you want to sign it and hit send!

The signer(s) will then receive the document in an email and from there be able to sign and send it back to you, providing all of you with copies of the document and yourself with an audit trail. Simple!

Are electronic signatures legal and secure?

Electronic Signatures (and digital signatures) are legally binding. We have a set of global legality guides that go into further detail, simply click here to find out more.

With Signable you can trust that when you create e signature documents your information is secure every step of the way. We only share your information with those you approve and we have SSL encryption on every page. Signable are also Cyber Essentials certified, meaning we go an extra step to keep our customer’s information safe!

What are the benefits of using eSignatures?

  • Send documents from any device, at any time, to anywhere in the world! No more relying on the post, with Signable you can save a ton of time and send contracts, documents, PDFs etc out instantly.
  • Keep track of your documents status every step of the way and watch your sign rate go up.
  • Reduce office clutter and the expense of printing.
  • Integrate with a number of useful tools including Dropbox.
  • Save your organisation both time and money.

See for yourself – Start your free trial today! A few details and you’re good to go!

We may send you emails directly about your Signable account. These emails will come directly from Signable and will always be related to your account. You may opt out of these emails via the link at the bottom of the email that you receive.