“Don’t let emotion cloud your judgement” | Signature of my name

I can remember it clearly. Lying on my nan’s living room floor, practising the signature of my name over & over again trying to make it look “nice” ready for my first bank card.

Sheets and sheets of paper, all filled with the perfectly formed signature of my name, ready for my life of signing ahead of me. All of that emotion, tied into one process.

I also remember how awesome it was to have a brand new exercise book or drawing pad. Or to read a newspaper actually on paper! All of that emotion, tied to a tactile feeling.

There’s a lot of comfort and peace of mind in pen and paper. But don’t let emotion cloud your judgement when looking at electronic signatures.

If you are new to Signable, let me introduce us. We are the UK’s leading electronic signature solution and to put it simply; we take away the tired, lengthy process of sending paper documents. Putting all the process online.

This one process change will save a business or organisation..

  • Time
  • Money
  • Risk

And instead will give…

  • Peace of mind
  • Greater engagement
  • A modern platform
  • Faster workflow

We truly revolutionise the business and organisations who are adopting this technology.

The bottom line is, this is the way that business will be done. So, it’s truly a case of if not now, it will be then. In the US e-signatures are a multi-billion dollar industry. However in the UK it’s still in it’s early stages of modernisation.

So what’s holding us back? Mindset.

My role in Signable isn’t much to do with selling. It’s actually more focused towards educating, reassuring and advising. There’s a lot of false security in paper. But don’t worry, it’s not just you. There are even regulatory bodies still subscribing to this concept.

But one by one, people are going digital. And fortunately due to our UK & EU data storage, they’re coming to us!

Dependent on which area of business you’re in, I can advise how Signable can help and can add value to your business. And how it can speed up workflows massively! As a general rule of thumb, UK law is based on building evidence of a proof of relationship between you and your signer. A classic “wet” signature will give you one layer, whereas an electronic signature will give you 10.

So, how can you sign electronically?

  • With your mouse
  • With your finger
  • Uploading your signature
  • Typing in your name

The legality comes down to your digital imprint, not the cosmetic look of the signature.

This can be a huge shift in mindset for some. And we’d love to help educate, advise or help anyone who would like to discuss further. 

About Sophie Torry-Cook

Sophie is Signable's in-house writer and digi-designer. She loves soft cats, black coffee and trawling for fashion bargains.