What do we have to offer?

If you’re not aware, e-signatures have been a valid form of signature for years, since the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act of 2000 and eIDAS regulations. Despite this, many still find it acceptable to wait weeks for a client to sign our critically important documents with a signature on paper.

With Signable’s signature software it takes seconds to send documents straight to a clients’ inbox and get an electronic signature in response. Using an e-signature mean less stress worrying about the status of your documents and less stress during the signing process.

Compatibility is key

No two of your clients are the same. We ensure that your online signatures will work regardless of if you’re using a Mac or PC or for that matter smartphone or tablet.

Whether you are using desktop or mobile device we’ve got you covered with rigorous levels of security. We rigorously test on a myriad of browsers, so whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or even Internet Explorer… you’re in safe hands.

When you are using Signable you will find that you will be able to upload files including Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PDFs.

Greatly increase your sign-rate

Get your online documents signed now, not tomorrow or next week. We’ve all had that client that wanted to sign on the dotted line, but a week later weren’t so sure.

Increase your sign-rate, get that e-signature and watch the money roll in from the contracts you would never have won before.

e signature

Instantly see your document status

Keeping track of your online documents is a breeze. You can instantly see which clients have outstanding documents to digitally sign and add their e-signature to and which documents have accepted or rejected and their date processed.

Once all parties have signed their parts of the document you receive an audit trail that details every step of the signing process.

Global document e-signature signing

Send a document to a client of yours 5,000 miles away through the postal system and it will arrive a week later. If you send that document online it will arrive almost instantaneously.

With our signature solution, you can start sending documents in their electronic form which means that you are no longer bound by the constraints of the physical world (or the post office) when it comes to the signing process.

An e-signature is as legally binding as a handwritten one when you’re looking to sign documents, as long as you’re online you can sign documents on the move from just about any location in the world, meaning when you send documents the person signing will be able to get back to you in no time.

With Signable you can sign and send documents on the move with our tablet-based app or our Progressive Web Mobile App.

Full language translation

Full language translation is available for your documents. Signable will adapt a document to match your browser’s default language and if you want to switch to another language you have the option to do so manually.

The languages that Signable currently supports include:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese

You will be helping the environment

We only have one world and we need to preserve it to the best of our ability. Every year millions of trees are cut down only to be turned into paper for our offline documents. These documents need to be delivered, emitting harmful gasses into our atmosphere from vans, lorries and planes.

By using e-signatures you eliminate the need to create these emissions, a paperless office means a greener office.

Save your time and money with an e-signature

Whether you’re a big or small business it all adds up. The paper to print on, the printer, the ink cartridges, the envelope, the stamp or recorded delivery and your time! And let’s not forget the electricity for the printer and for the maintenance guy to come and fix it when it errors “PC Load Letter”. Whatever that means.

Put simply, using e-signatures will save you time and money that could be better invested elsewhere.