4 SUPERhero Quotes to Motivate Your Business!

Now, we all consider superheroes role models right? Or are they just a bunch of majestic badasses? Superheroes have continued to evolve through the generations. Seriously, we now consider a tree as a superhero, but who can blame us? He is far too adorable. I AM GROOT! Either way, they can teach us a lot about strength, courage and perseverance. Which are three traits I believe any business should have. These are four of my favourite superhero quotes which can motivate any business:


  1. “Why do we always fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

superhero quotes


Batman is undoubtedly one of the coolest superheroes in history. He may be a rich kid with issues but his story is motivational. The Dark Knight named himself after a fear that he overcame. That is pretty badass! But the quote itself actually came from his trusted legal guardian and friendly butler Alfred Pennyworth.

But what does it actually teach us? Why do we fall? We fall because there is always something that we are supposed to find. In regards to business, occasionally there is something missing, you can make a mistake but what do you learn from it? You learn to never do the same thing twice. Making mistakes is completely normal, it’s all a part of growing. Batman pledged to protect and look after Gotham but he failed, but did he give up? No, he listened to Alfred’s wisdom and made the correct decision. Therefore you can apply this in business: make sure you listen to constructive feedback and criticism from your peers. 

Another quote which is ultimately everyone’s favourite, is from our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman…

  1. “With great power, comes great responsibility”

superhero quotes

If you could choose to be any superhero who would it be? Because I would definitely be Spiderman! How cool would it be to scale walls and somersault through the air? Not forgetting, shooting webs everywhere! He hasn’t really had the easiest start in life but now he uses his powers for good.

What does this quote teach us? Well firstly I lied, the quote actually came from his Uncle Ben. In my books he is also a hero! However, the day Peter Parker’s uncle died, he spoke these words which in turn sparked the beginning of Spiderman. Spiderman went on to use his kick-ass moves and web flinging powers to protect people from danger. So in turn, it teaches us that if you have the ability to do something amazing, make sure you do it for the good of other people.

To have great power requires you to make the correct decisions, henceforth you have a bigger responsibility. In regards to business, we all have the power to inspire and influence others but your responsibility is to ensure your customers are happy.

  1. “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

superhero quotes

What wise words from the mighty Christopher Reeve. He was and will always be the real Superman without a doubt. But what’s your first thoughts when you hear the word “hero”? There are a variety of definitions of heroes. A hero can be defined as someone who helps other people such as Superman. Although I think that people forget that helping oneself to accomplish goals and achieve great things is also considered a hero.

We all face obstacles, we all doubt ourselves. Am I right? We have a tendency to look at others as heroes, and wish you could be more like them. Everyone wanted to be like Superman, he became a cultural icon. He was mighty, helpful, graceful and kind. In regards to business, the lesson you need to take from this is that you should all recognise your achievements and the amazing work you do. You may succeed, you may not, but it’s about persevering.

I think this last quote really sums up what I have been trying to convey to all of you. In the words of the gigantic green anger machine:

  1. HULK! SMASH!”

superhero quotes

Hulk can definitely kick-ass. He can survive nuclear explosions, intense attacks, chemical weapons and is resistant to injury. Hell yeah! However his alter ego Bruce Banner is a physically weak, socially withdrawn scientist who is constantly a ticking time bomb. I guess you can apply this to yourself. Just remember guys don’t get stressed, you could end up turning into a huge, destroying machine. Don’t worry I am joking, or at least I hope none of you do…

What can we learn from this though? When I hear the word “smash” it can be interpreted in many ways. But in relation to business, I think it means that you should have the strength and endurance to do great work. You’ve basically got to just smash it.

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