How Signable Works

Streamline your processes with fast eSigning

With Signable’s signature software it takes seconds to send documents straight to a clients’ inbox and get an electronic signature in response. Using digital signing means less stress worrying about the status of your documents and more ease adding a signature to a document.

Increase your sign-rate, get that eSignature and watch the money roll in from the contracts you would never have won before.

Sending & Signing electronic documents


  • Fast & easy to set up documents
  • Use existing documents, uploaded via Word, Excel or PDF files
  • Personalisation to clients with merge fields
  • Add as many parties as you like
  • Sign the document yourself before it gets sent out
  • Fully customisable fields
  • Password protection option
  • Full audit log
  • Branded signing emails


  • Sign on any device, anywhere, including a mobile device
  • Easy user interface
  • Prompts that guide you through the signing page
  • 3 choices of electronic signature methods
  • High level of security for signers and senders
  • Download after signing to keep for records
  • Access to full audit log
  • Can upload ID photocopies & scans for ease
  • Professional look

Sending a document electronically

To send an electronic document with Signable, all you need to do is:

  • Upload your document (Word, Excel or PDF document)
  • Add your signing parties (name and email address)
  • Add your signature, text and date fields (plus any other fields you need filling)
  • Click send

And your online document is ready for electronic signing!

Signing a document electronically

Requesting signatures with Signable is easy, but if you’re looking to sign a document with us you just need to:

  • Open the email received from 
  • Click the link to the document
  • Fill in the required fields e.g. address, date, ID upload
  • Click sign, & choose the type of electronic signature you’d like to use:
  1. Type your signature with a keyboard
  2. Upload an image of your signature
  3. Draw/write your signature with a mouse or trackpad
  • Submit the document – That’s how you create an electronic signature!

Legality & security

Signable is fully compliant with eIDAS and the US eSign Act so you can be sure your digital documents will comply with industry standards. 

We ensure SSL encryption is used on every page of our site and software so that your information and your clients’ is safe from any third-parties or hackers. All data stored and processed within Signable stays within the EU. We host the majority of our data in Amazon’s AWS data centre in London, which is used by most of the top internet companies.

If you need more information about legality and security, you can read our downloadable legality guide here. 

Ready to get started?

If you would like to find out about our flexible pricing structure, have a look at our plans page. Or, if you’re stuck on how to do an electronic signature, just fire any questions you have at us. We can help you get up to speed and you’ll be sending documents like a pro in minutes, without a piece of paper in sight!

You can sign up for our free trial, no credit card required!