What is Customer Success? – The eBook of Success

customer success ebook

What is Customer Success? Full eBook

Customers are or should be the central part of all businesses. Treating customers as humans, not just as numbers will help you grow your business with the right people at the centre.

Growing with your customers in mind will make for low churn and a loyal base of happy advocates.

What we’ll cover:

  • Customer Success VS Customer Service
  • Tracking loyalty
  • Customer delighting – focussing on the existing customers
  • & more from our contributors!

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“A Top Performer in Customer Success”

After being awarded a ‘Top Performer’ by Featured Customers, the biggest customer satisfaction review site, we were chuffed. Our Customer Success Team works really hard to keep the contact human and there whenever customers are in need. We do check-ins and bespoke account management and reach out to you so you don’t ever have to chase us.

One of our Senior Customer Success Champions describes Customer Success vs Customer service.

“Customer Success is about being proactive, starting from the very first interaction the customer has with Signable, providing a seamless onboarding process and reaching out to the customer before they hit that bump in the road to steer them in the right direction to get the most out of using Signable.”

“It is, as Apple would term it, to “Surprise and Delight” the customer with regular outreach and making them feel part of something, not just another faceless number.”