Making Tax Digital – VAT Returns

‘Making tax digital’ and ‘VAT Returns’ can sound really daunting, but fear not! Whether you’re familiar with the process but just want a few things cleared up, or you’ve never submitted a digital tax return, we’ve got you.

The guide covers…

  • Tax law, simplified
  • Who it effects
  • Best MTD compliant software
  • What records do I need to keep?
  • Full step-by-step guide

Download the in-depth guide below:

“The improved accuracy that digital records provide, along with the help built into many software products and the fact that information is sent directly to HMRC from the digital records, avoiding transposition errors, will reduce the amount of tax lost to these avoidable errors.”


If you’re interested in how Signable helps make your Tax client approval process faster, see TaxCalc’s implementation.

Our making tax digital & vat returns guide will give you all the information you need to get started with submitting and recording your VAT and Income Tax via the HMRC’s online service.


*If you’re looking for a comprehensive legality guide for using Signable in your Tax return process, see our guide here.

Digitalising to close more deals, save time & money

“But it works now, why fix it?”. This is the most common thing you’ll hear from leadership when you suggest digitalisation. But, they’re wrong. Because it is broken, you just don’t know it because they’ve got used to slow processes and spending a whole day filing paperwork. And honestly, your customers will have noticed.

This attitude is odd when you consider 37% of companies think going digital will help productivity and a whole host of other benefits.

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