Meet Signable’s newest developer – Liam Maddison


I’m Liam Maddison and I’ve been at Signable for exactly a week now! I’ve been summoned to the Signable web development team to fight bugs and build awesome features!

I was born and raised in sunny Portugal with an English education and have been living in beautiful Bristol for just over 4 years now, needless to say, I still haven’t gotten used to this weather…

I am a self-taught web ninja and have been playing around with computers since I was little, initially, I started as a web-designer but soon enough found my love for code, which really helped me become a pixel perfection geek 🙂

Liam Maddison

At Signable I’m hoping to ease the whole signing process for our user base, so hopefully the longer I’m here the easier you’ll find everything.

I’m a football lover and used to play for Horfield United. I’m a Chelsea FC supporter and am a massive foodie – favourite food: Spag Bol..mmm..or Carbonara…or Pizza…or, yeah you get the point.

I am also a proud twin! – absolute complete opposites us, but hey, still love the bugger.

If you have any features you’d like us to develop let me know 🙂


About Sophie Torry-Cook

Sophie is Signable's in-house writer and digi-designer. She loves soft cats, black coffee and trawling for fashion bargains.