Say hello to the new Signable platform!

The Evolution of Signable!

You may have noticed from our social media, website or opt-in emails that we’ve decided to change things up a little bit. But wait, there’s no reason to get worried. These changes are designed to improve your user experience whilst using our Signable platform to send and sign your documents. signable platform

What’s actually changed?

We have chosen to freshen up our Signable platform by giving it a whole new look and feel. The new design is to help improve navigation and managing and sending documents much easier than before. With some new features added in to help improve your user experience and give you extra functionality.

You’ll be able to much more easily and effectively:

What’s the same?

All the features you know and love will still be available through the new platform and all of your existing documents will still be accessible. Templates and field options are all still useable within the new build and more improved than ever. The main difference will be the new layout, some of your features may have been moved around a little to improve accessibility and navigation.

What’s next? 

Signable platform Signable as a product and a service will always be ever changing to keep up with your needs, technology, and trends. This change we felt was at the best time as any. We will always continue to strive to provide the best for you! We still have more big and exciting things in the works and can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime be sure to give our new platform a good experiment, and be sure to give us welcomed feedback through our customer support, email or social media.

Like the sound of that?

Now’s the perfect time to learn more about our shiny new platform, just fill in the form below to get started!


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