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signable testimonials

We’re confident that if you need to send documents to your clients, using Signable will help you. But, of course, we’d say that. Instead of us going on about it, here we let our customers do the talking in the following Signable testimonials…

“Overall I’m thrilled with the level of service we received from Signable. The campaign has been a notable success with a higher response rate than I have ever received on a campaign before and having the expertise of the Signable team when it came to scheduling email send times was invaluable!!”

– BMW Ireland

“So straight forward. You can create personal messages which is really good and saves time! Previously everything was kept on site with paper copies but now everything is stored electronically and is very trackable … Anything that requires signatures we use Signable for.”

-Krispy Kreme

“The results have been astounding. In one hotel, the average response time signing and returning contracts was reduced from three days to just one hour and 45 minutes. In another it was cut from two days to 3.5 hours!”

– Interstate Hotels

“Signable’s customer success team have been incredible with the implementing Signable at The Body Shop in Benelux. I would recommend anyone to go with The Signable team!”

– The Body Shop, Benelux

Want to read more examples? You’ll want our case studies page. Got something nice to say? Please do! You can have your Signable say here.

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