Happy to help – our new iPad app is here!

At long last our App is here!

So, as you know, the beauty of using an electronic signature is that with an internet connection, you’re able to send a document to your signer (or signers) anywhere in the world AND have it completed within minutes. This type of flexibility has been helping thousands of businesses across the UK send 50,000 legally binding documents every month with Signable- a number that keeps growing every month.

However, when considering the need to sign in person, the freedom that comes with closing most deals doesn’t work. There are still contracts that require physical signatures, such as sales orders and delivery notes. This can mean having to use more traditional, less efficient ways of completing and then organising these forms. Or even excluding businesses that need these documents signed daily from using Signable.

By downloading the bolt-on iOS Signable app, senders can now have signers complete documents directly onto a tablet device, keeping all information centrally stored in their Signable account. So all document’s are still digital – keeping them searchable and secure. And if you couldn’t use eSignatures before? Well now you’re good to go with signing documents! No need for in person signing. We made this quick video showing you how our new app can help you today:

(music: www.bensound.com)

The Signable app is currently available on iOS (download it for your iPad here) and is free of charge to download! All you need is an existing Signable account and you’re set.

You can get your free trial of Signable here.

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Sophie is Signable's in-house writer and digi-designer. She loves soft cats, black coffee and trawling for fashion bargains.