All of our plans come with unlimited users for free!

Don’t like the idea of paying per user?

All of the Signable plans come with unlimited users for free! Whether you use our Pay As You Go service or one of our monthly contracts, you can add as many different users as you like! Forget getting charged ‘per month, per user’ and add your whole team to your Signable account!

Other than no additional cost, what are the added benefits of being able to add unlimited users to your account?

User flexibility:
If someone leaves your company, you can remove their user account without having to change a central password.

Improved Security:
First & foremost, you don’t have to share one user account for everyone in your company! You can also assign users into ‘Teams’, with the option to restrict access to certain areas of your Signable account for each ‘Team’.

Increased Accountability:
You can easily identify which user sent out an envelope.

How do I do it?

It’s so simple to add users to your account! This gif explains it for you! If you want anymore help on adding users to your account, check out the help article that will walk you through it, step by step.