Why use e-signatures? The Walking Dead helps us explain

Why use e-signatures? Why The Walking Dead? Now, bear with me…

The Walking Dead

I know these may not seem like two subjects that would typically go together. But as a zombie enthusiast who can’t walk into a building without quickly sussing out an escape route. Or assessing the level of safety in case you need to hold up fort. It’s easy to make connections between post-apocalyptic survival and the benefits of electronic signatures. And as the article title is self-explanatory- let’s crack on…

Cut your losses and move on

A pretty apt generalisation of how companies can’t let things go.

If you haven’t caught on that this happens in The Walking Dead a lot, then you haven’t been watching. Whether you’re dealing with a family member turned walker, a limb that’s been bitten, or your (ass) husband who once you’re rid of him it will mean you have the best character arc; the message is clear. Don’t hold onto the things that slow you down or these things/people will inevitably get you killed.

Club Carol, right here.

The same is said for getting your contracts signed online. We all know that traditional methods are tedious and time-consuming, however for some reason they’re difficult to let go. Using e-signatures means your documents are sent in seconds and can be returned in minutes. Plus your audit trail tracks your signer’s interaction with the document. And as their signature can be pretty much anything, you know whether it’s been seen or not.

So instead of holding onto an old process because it’s familiar, take the leap, update your system and get your documents online. By killing off archaic approaches to working you’re keeping your business’ approach up to date. Keeping your team and your clients happy. And by catering to everyone, you’re ensuring you won’t get left behind, or executed just-look-at-the-flowers style.


Don’t tempt fate

Cast your minds wayyy back to season 2 of the Walking Dead. Remember the Zombie that was stuck in the mud? The one that Carl threw stones at who ended up killing lovable Dale? Well, that could’ve been avoided if Grimes Jr had just shot the zombie when he found it. Instead of taunting it and basically waiting for it to free itself, nearly getting his own self eaten in the process. And then leaving! Like nothing bad was going to happen!

Ignorance is bliss. UNLESS YOU’RE DALE, CARL.

The same goes for how you manage your documents.

Yes, yes it does.

Imagine that the zombie in the mud is a client who’s difficult to get hold of, and you’re going to post them a contract for a time-sensitive deal. Or imagine the about-to-wriggle-free-zombie is your paper-based records that aren’t stored securely. Just waiting to be misplaced, or accessed by the wrong person. 

If the threat is there then why ignore it? Not when there’s so much at risk. A simple solution of shooting the zombie (OK, not an everyday simple solution. But this is TWD) could’ve meant that Dale would’ve avoided a particularly grisly death. An e-signature solution means you can ensure quick contact with your clients and that all your company’s content is kept searchable and secure. And nobody has to get shot. Or disembowelled.

Things can escalate really quickly

This snowballed faster than Beliebers, Snapchat filters or whatever it is the kids like now.

Imagine the pace at which hotcakes sell, that’s how quickly things can turn from bad to worse. So remember, just like when the virus spread turning the majority of civilisation into mindless flesh-eating monsters; when a bad scenario escalates in business, it can have disastrous consequences. 

Have you considered the safety of your company information? What’re the repercussions of not managing that correctly?

Using e-signatures means that only you and specific individuals have access to your documents which keeps content confidential. And as Signable never sells on your data, it that stays just that; your data. 

What if there was an event like a flood or a fire? Would your business recover easily or would it be in the 70% that would fail in under 3 weeks? Or have you considered the effects of a major competitor upping their user-friendly-game, leaving you behind? There’s a multitude of things that could happen which, if not prepared for, could catch you off guard and escalate quickly. Which is why if you’re a business that regularly sends out documents, electronic signatures can prevent many of these things most people would accidentally overlook. 

See? Told you it would all line up.

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