Signable Audit Trail

An audit trail allows you to keep a step by step documented history and general ledger of business transactions. Traditionally this may be accounts payable, financial transactions and financial data kept on paper or electronically. When it comes to keeping track of your business’s electronic records and the internal controls and signing process connected to them you can see how an audit trail of events can be useful.

When using Signable electronic signatures your business will be able to keep a documented history of a transaction and of the status of any documents you send with our handy audit trail system.

Electronic Signature Audit Trail

Every action from the point of uploading a document is logged in a full audit trail that’s attached to the corresponding envelope in your account.

Once a document has been signed and submitted by your client, you will receive an email that includes the completed electronic document attached as a PDF and a certificate of signature.

The certificate of signature is an important document that includes important information including:

  • Who each signing party is
  • Dates, times, IP addresses and fingerprints
  • A full audit log or audit trail

With Signable, the audit trail provided gives you an action by action breakdown of the electronic signing progress of the document, allowing you to see the status of it and what has happened in the past to the source document.

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We may send you emails directly about your Signable account. These emails will come directly from Signable and will always be related to your account. You may opt out of these emails via the link at the bottom of the email that you receive.

Why is the Certificate of Signature important?

The certificate of signature this certificate is part of the evidence that your electronic document has been eSigned correctly and is legally binding.

Both sender and receivers in the eSign process will receive a copy of the certificate and audit trail. This will happen automatically once the document has been completed, signed and submitted.

The certificate will always remain part of the completed electronic document as it is a legal requirement and compliant with eDIAS.

Electronic Signature Legality Explained

To ensure all your documents are secure & legally binding we provide large and small businesses with:

  • eIDAS compliance & exceedance of UK eSign regulation
  • Detailed audit log stored for each signature action
  • Identification of users verified before permitted to send documents
  • Document integrity checked, always
  • Unique fingerprint IDs for each document
  • Secure storage of documents and data
  • Signatory identity verified via email address, timestamps and geo-tracking
  • SSL 256-bit AES/RSA encryption
  • Only you and people you’ve authorised can access documents