Signable e-Signatures FAQ

Check out the Signable e-Signatures FAQ below!

For some reading this, you may not have used e-Signatures before, it’s possible you’ve heard of them by coming across them in the media or via an article. It’s also possible you’ve just not heard about them at all.

Alternatively, you may be reading this having long since become an e-Signature expert. So with that in mind, we’re going to provide a bit of information for both scenarios!

Before we start if you have a question that you don’t see answered here contact Signable and let us know!

What is Signable?

Why should your company use e-Signatures?

Using e-signatures will help to streamline processes, save time, save money and have a number of other benefits, check them out below.

What is an electronic signature?

In basic terms, an electronic signature is a technology that allows a person to electronically affix a signature to an online contract.

Can anyone use electronic signatures?

Using Signable electronic signatures can be picked up in minutes. It’s straightforward to get set up and start sending and signing documents. If you do run into any problems Signable has a wealth of helpful articles and videos available to help solve your issues, not to mention our Customer Success team who are on call to guide you through any questions that pop up.

Are electronic signatures legally binding?

The UK has accepted electronic signatures since 2000 (!) with the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act of 2000 and the eSign act of 2000. The UK sticks to eIDAS regulation that has been in place since 2016 which provides a consistent framework for secure electronic identification and verification across the European Union. Meanwhile, the USA has the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) that has been in place since 1999.

The eIDAS covers all other EU countries so if you are sending a document to a business or person anywhere within the EU you can be safe in the knowledge that you are covered. Further supplementing the eIDAS regulation, the UK Law Commission states that:

Electronic signatures can be used to execute documents, including where there is a statutory requirement for a signature (…) This means that, in most cases, electronic signatures can be used as a viable alternative to handwritten ones.

Can you use electronic signatures if you live outside of the UK, USA or the EU?

Good question! We’ve prepared quite a few different answers to this, simply head to our global eSignature legality guide and find the country you’re looking to find out more about how online signing works there. Signable has users around the globe so there’s a good chance that the answer to this will be yes you can.

Can electronic signatures save you money?

Paper, printing and storing physical documents all costs money or take up room, just imagine how much room you could save without the need for those filing cabinets cluttering up the office! Digital signing means that all those sales contracts are saved and sent online with no need for any of those things.

Can e-Signatures save you time?

The ability to sign a document from an email means that you’re cutting out some really time-consuming parts of the signing process. No printing, faxing, posting. Just instantly sending documents, instantly getting a response, no waiting on couriers or postmen. What could you achieve with all that extra time?

Can I send documents to be e-signed from anywhere and at any time?

This leads on from saving time – no need to be in the office, no need to send during working hours. You can upload your documents online anywhere you have an internet connection and once they’re in electronic form you can send them to be signed as early in the morning or late at night as you wish.

Is a paperless office environmentally friendly?

This article suggests that in the United States alone the amount of paper used over 2013 would have taken an estimated 55 to 110 million trees. In the time since that was written, it’s very possible that number has only increased. One company can’t change the world, but if we were all to take a serious look at our paper consumption and at reducing the amount of paperwork in an office then the result could be a positive for the world. A paperless office is a start.

Does my industry use e-Signatures?

There’s a pretty good chance that the answer to that question is going to be a resounding yes, but if you’re curious how electronic signatures are used in your industry we’ve put together a number of guides that can be found on our eSigning in your industry page. Check it out!

Does Signable offer a plan to fit my organisation?

We want to help you send and sign documents no matter the size of your organisation. With that in mind, we offer a selection of plans based on the number of document envelopes you send every month. If those don’t appeal then we offer a pay as you go service where you only pay for what you use!

How does the envelope allowance on an annual plan work?

Your yearly allowance of envelopes is provided at the start of your subscription and is available to use from day one with an annual plan. This means you don’t need to wait until the next month for your envelopes to rollover if you have important documents to send.

What does the Signable Platform look like?

Why not try it for free for yourself? Scroll to the bottom of the page to start your free trial!

What customer support does Signable offer?

We don’t believe in making life harder for anyone with questions around electronic signing, whilst we do have a thorough help section we’re open to answer any and all questions our customers have, no matter the size of their plan. You contact us via email or give us a call on 0800 612 6263 if you want to speak to someone.

Signable is secure and your documents are safe.

We have a number of levels of security in place. Every page you visit has SSL encryption and we offer you the choice of password protecting your documents meaning no one sees the work that you don’t want to.

Audit trails and document status

Once everyone has signed their required parts of the document(s) you will receive a full audit trail detailing every step of the signing process. Before then you’ll be able to use Signable to keep track of who has and who hasn’t signed documents and send reminders where required, these reminders can really help you to increase your sign rate and make sure documents don’t get forgotten about by your clients.

Does Signable save my Templates?

Signable saves your templates so that that you can use them as often as you want. They’re easily accessed in their own section which can be seen below. You can upload PDF documents, Microsoft Word files and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Does Signable offer an e-Signature app?

Signable offer a progressive mobile app for your mobile device and an app for tablets that is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can send documents from just about any device with Signable and your customers can eSign from desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

What is Signable’s list of integrations?

To make your day to day work easier and remove time-consuming steps of saving and then re-uploading documents we have a number of integrations with other software including Dropbox (with more in the pipeline).

Is Signable easy to set up?

We believe that even if you have never sent a document to be electronically signed before you can pick up Signable in minutes. If you’ve already got a bit of experience when it comes to e-Signing the process is super easy and you’ll be able to click send in 60 seconds tops! Signable is designed with being as user-friendly as possible in mind and we take that really seriously.

How to sign a document in Word online using Signable?

You can upload saved Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel files and PDFs directly into Signable to send to your customers. Currently Signable does not have a direct integration with Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 CRM but it is still easy to upload documents and for signees to sign Word documents.

How easy is it to add a signature to a Signable document?

For any signee that receives a Signable document, it is really straightforward to add a signature. They can upload an image of their signature, draw their signature online or simply type this in. All are acceptable. It’s easy to draw a signature from a phone or using a desktop.

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