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The benefits of going paperless

Using less paper is important for obvious reasons, and we’re fully behind reducing paper-based processes. Sending documents electronically is the best way to replicate a paperless document sending process. But what exactly are the benefits of reducing paper consumption in your office?


Going paperless is actually a great way of saving money. As well as not needing to splash out on equipment for printing your documents, you’re also saving on the postage and delivery costs.

Office space

Filing cabinets, printers, scanners. If you’re a paper based business, equipment to print, send and store paper documents takes up precious office space. Switching to Signable could drastically reduce the amount of space you need.


Signable integrates with the apps and tools you’re already using. Including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier, keeping everything locked up nice and tight.

“This has worked so well for our business! Saves time, energy, paper and printing costs!”
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At Signable, we’ve contributed 1% of our revenue to carbon removal.

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