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How does Signable work?

Sending online documents is straightforward with Signable. You just need to upload your document or use an existing template, then add the signer and specify where you want them to sign. If you’re adding multiple signers you can choose either One-at-a-time or All-at-once signing.

Send the document over, and the signer will receive an email with a unique link to the document. Signers can access the document from any device without having to sign up for A Signable account.

Once the document is signed you’ll receive a notification via email, and you can view or download it.

What’s an ‘envelope’?

You’ll see our plans talk about ‘Envelopes’ quite a lot at Signable. This is essentially like a physical envelope, in which you can put a single document or multiple documents into, to send out to your clients for signing.

An envelope can have both a mixture of uploaded documents and templates or just a template you’ve already added to your Signable account. Find out more about how to send an envelope here.

How do eSignatures save you money?

Using eSignatures can help you to streamline your business processes and workflows – helping you to save time and save money. You won’t need to pay to print out and post physical copies of every document to be signed. You can send them out anytime, anywhere and get documents signed in moments.

Is Signable Secure?

All of your data is stored in a highly restrictive, access limited database within a state-of-the-art data centre. Your account password is stored as a, realistically speaking, irreversible, “one-way encryption” into our database system and is never, ever stored anywhere as plain text. You can also enable two-factor authentication log-in. Find out more about how we keep your data safe by viewing our security page.

What’s the difference between monthly and annual plans?

Monthly plans are an affordable, flexible way to take advantage of eSignatures in your business. You can sign up for a monthly plan that suits your requirements, with no long term commitment.

Annual plans offer a discount of one month free, compared to paying for a monthly plan. Plus, you’ll get your annual allocation of envelopes when you sign up, which can be especially useful for seasonal businesses with busier and quieter months.

How does the envelope allowance on an annual plan work?

Once you sign up for an Annual account you will receive all of your annual allocation of envelopes at once, rather than them being split into a certain amount per month.

Based on the level of your plan, once you’ve signed up for an annual plan you will have the following number of envelopes available from day one:

Small Business: 600 envelopes
Medium Business: 1,800 envelopes
Large Business: 4,800 envelopes
Corporate: 9,000 envelopes

This means you don’t need to wait until the next month for your envelopes to rollover if you have important documents to send.

What happens after the free trial ends?

Our free 14 day trial is a great way to try out Signable’s eSignature software. You don’t need to enter any payment details, and at the end of the trial you’ll automatically be moved on to our Pay As You Go plan. Sign up for a free trial.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all VISA & MasterCards, including American Express (AMEX). We also accept payment via direct debit on any of our plans.

Do you offer a discount for charities?

Get in touch to learn about our special discounts for registered UK charities, either give us a call on 0800 612 6263 or get in touch via email at to find out more.

Can I book a demo of Signable?

A demo with one of our team is the best way to find out exactly how Signable can help your business. Book a Signable demo here.

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