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The electronic Signature software that keeps up with you, builds your client relationships and stays under budget.

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As a Signable Partner you are able to fully integrate Signable with your platform, interface, or website via the Signable API. Once integrated, your customers can upload and send documents to be signed digitally from within your product, allowing you to offer your customers more options and flexibility.

Your Partner Benefits

Signing should be simple! At Signable we believe in helping you do the work you do best.

Full API access

The Signable API allows you to integrate Signable directly into your website or internal systems. This means that your customers will receive the full functionality of Signable’s eSignature platform without having to leave your domain. The REST-based architecture ensures that our API meets industry security, reliability and efficiency software requirements. 

Learn more about our API here

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Discounted partner prices

With a Signable partnership, you will be billed at an exclusive, wholesale price per envelope rather than the standard cost of our Signable plans.

Partners are charged for all subaccounts, reducing the cost per envelope based on the volume of envelopes being sent by the total account. Therefore the more sub accounts sending, the cheaper the price per unit. Partners can also choose to charge their customers a markup to use this additional eSignature service.

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Unlimited sub accounts

A Signable partnership offers you the benefit of unlimited sub accounts, with the added ability to individually brand each account.

This means that your customers can add their own branding to their signature request emails and signing page, resulting in a professional and personalised user experience.

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Marketing opportunities

Signable’s Partnership involves a free of charge, co-marketing initiative to create bespoke assets that you can take advantage of to help you boost your customer base.

  • Partner packs to share with your internal customers
  • Case study feature across Signable marketing channels
  • Joint sales initiatives to attract new customers
  • Multi-channel social media campaigns
  • Co-hosted webinars to promote your business and expand your network
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Retrospective billing

Unlike direct customer subscriptions, Signable Partners are billed retrospectively. This ensures that you will only pay for the exact number of envelopes sent by your sub accounts each month and also that you will have received payment from your own customers before being charged Signable’s fee.

By operating this way, we aim to keep the costs low and provide a calculable return on investment for all our Partners .

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Customer support

As a Signable Partner, you will receive a dedicated Partner Manager and Support Team to help with onboarding and managing your account.

You will also receive clear and simple API documentation, showcasing all of our functions. Your Partner Manager will check in with you for quarterly catch ups and also be on hand to provide additional support in relation to your Signable integration as and when you need it.

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Customer case study
“Integrating with Signable has given us an edge over many of our competitors.”

TaxCalc is a high-growth, fintech SaaS company based in Wokingham specialising in tax and accountancy software for accountants and finance professionals.

Signable Partner FAQs

What is Signable?

Signable is simple eSignature software that makes it easier to send documents to be electronically signed. It can speed up your workflow, save your business money, and help you to become more sustainable.

How does Signables partnership integration work?

If you’re interested in becoming a Signable Partner, the first step is to talk with our Customer Success Team. From there, you will be advised on the processes involved and how you can get the most from partnering with Signable. Watch our exclusive webinar to learn more.

Wondering whether Signable is the right fit for you? Why not try out our 14 day free trial!

How can I make money integrating with Signable?

Partners can profit from partnering with Signable in a number of ways. You can build the cost of the Signable platform into your service and then charge your customers a subscription fee, or you can simply charge your customers a PAYG rate for each envelope and add a markup to the wholesale price. 

How will Signable support me as a Partner?

Your dedicated Partner Manager will always be on hand to help you get the most out of your Signable partnership. Whilst we will check in with you for quarterly catch ups and provide support in relation to your integration with Signable, any support to sub accounts and customers of our Partners must be provided by the Partner themselves, as we have no visibility of the integrated software and cannot assist your customers directly.

What is the difference between a Signable Partner and a Signable Affiliate?

Check out the key differences between a partner and an affiliate in our dedicated blog post.

Anyone can join Signable’s affiliate programme. You do not need to be an existing Signable customer to recommend Signable’s eSignature software to other businesses, simply sign up to the affiliate scheme and start earning commission. 

You simply need to sign up to our affiliate scheme and start sharing your unique affiliate link. When people sign up to Signable through your link and become a paying customer on one of our monthly or annual plans you will receive a 10% recurring commission for each payment your referral makes for a maximum of one year.

Check out Signable’s affiliate programme here!

Still have questions about becoming a Signable Partner?

Call us on 0800 612 6263, email or view all of the FAQs

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