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91% of Credit Unions* Say Digital Loan Agreements Have Boosted Acceptance Times

100% of Credit Unions* say digitalisation is changing the industry for the better. 

91%* say digital loan agreements have boosted acceptance times.

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HubSpot: 19 of the Best Electronic Signature Apps

And companies are quickly realizing the benefits. The number of worldwide eSignature transactions jumped from 89 million in 2012 to 754 million in 2017. That’s a lot of contracts.

HR Curator: Digital onboarding is the answer to employee engagement

Digital onboarding improves productivity by 54% studies show

With the movement of many companies towards faster, more effective digital solutions, it’s no wonder digital onboarding is changing the way we integrate new employees.

Informi: The eSignature Business that started by accident

Originally conceived as a side-project during a slow and snowy January, a way to make document signing more efficient, Bristol-based company Domo soon found their software creation was proving a hit with clients.

Fast forward to today and Signable is now a full-time venture that has passed the £1 million mark in annual revenue.

Informi: 4 long-term remote work strategies

37% of companies think going digital will help productivity and a whole host of other benefits, so, now is the time to take the plunge and adapt not only to the current situation but also make a change for the future of the company.

MSP News Global: Entrepreneurs of the Future

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“The future (and even the present) is digital. If you aren’t digital, your competitors definitely will be. The benefits that ‘going digital’ gives you, in terms of efficiency and cost savings, means it’s just a matter of time until digital is just the way of doing business, if not already.”

Entrepreneurship Life: 7 Core Startup Tools To Invest In This Year

It sounds like a given, but the quicker you can deliver your product to the customer, the more likely they’ll buy from you again. So if you make your sales funnel as fast as possible, you’ll close more valued deals. Once the customer is ready to commit, you need to quickly, but formally secure the deal.

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