Meet Team Signable

Hiya! We’re the people behind Signable. We’re really proud of the gang that we’ve put together and we’re passionate about what we do. Here you can put a mug shot to a name! If you think your face would look good on this page, check out our careers page!

  • Olly Culverhouse
    Olly Culverhouse
    CEO (Le Grande Fromage)
  • David de la peña
    David de la peña
    Head of Product
  • Kara Jones
    Kara Jones
    Head of Customer Success
  • Katy-Marie Tecks
    Katy-Marie Tecks
    Head of Operations
  • Tom McFadyen
    Tom McFadyen
    Head of Marketing
  • Chrissie Green
    Chrissie Green
    Head of People
  • Tom Dickinson
    Tom Dickinson
    Product Team Lead
  • Max McCormick
    Max McCormick
    Front End Engineer
  • Aled  Bartholomew
    Aled Bartholomew
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Richard Davies
    Richard Davies
    Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Nic Davies
    Nic Davies
    DevOps Engineer
  • Lee Burlow
    Lee Burlow
    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Karen Velasquez
    Karen Velasquez
    Product Owner
  • Abdul Amadu
    Abdul Amadu
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Marijn MJ Quartel
    Marijn MJ Quartel
    Junior Business Analyst
  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas
    Growth Marketing Team Lead
  • Cam Brewer
    Cam Brewer
    Design Lead
  • Verity Rogers
    Verity Rogers
    Acquisition Lead
  • Ellie Yates
    Ellie Yates
    Manager of Customer Success
  • Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell
    Sales Manager
  • Millie Compton
    Millie Compton
    Content Executive
  • Aaron Bell
    Aaron Bell
    Senior Customer Service Champion
  • George Nyandoro
    George Nyandoro
    Customer Success - New Business
  • Ollie Cook
    Ollie Cook
    Customer Service Champion
  •  Liam Dunlop
    Liam Dunlop
    Customer Success - New Business
  • Adam Newson
    Adam Newson
    Customer Success - New Business
  • Terrie Payne
    Terrie Payne
    Customer Success Manager
  • Larry Dean
    Larry Dean
    Customer Support Representative
  • Guled Egal
    Guled Egal
    Customer Service Representative
  • Lorraine Mottram
    Lorraine Mottram
    Finance Manager
  • Louise Baldus
    Louise Baldus
    Finance Executive
  • Louise Bridger
    Louise Bridger
    Operations Executive
  • Chloe Chilcott
    Chloe Chilcott
    Office Manager
  • Jasmine Davies
    Jasmine Davies
    Growth Marketing Executive
  • Emily Dixon
    Emily Dixon
    Customer Support
  • Eevee
    Relationship Manager