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An electronic signature is a digital version of a paper-based signature and can be done quickly, easily, legally and securely with Signable:

  • Save money and save time! Save money on printing, shipping and faxing amongst other things.
  • Send documents instantly and get them signed within minutes, not tomorrow and not next week.
  • Signable keeps track of documents and provides a full audit trail of the signing process.
  • Electronically sign or send a contract anywhere in the world instantly from any device.
  • Easy to integrate with a variety of programmes.
  • Reduce the mess in your office, reduce the amount of paper you use and help the environment.

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Create Electronic Signature – Regularly Asked Questions

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature, or eSignature, is any electronic method that indicates either that a person (or the signer) adopts the contents of an electronic document. With Signable you can electronic signatures can be added to a PDF document, Microsoft Word file and more, not a piece of paper to be seen.

Are Electronic Signatures legal?

Yes. Signable sticks to UK laws established by The Electronic Communications Act 2000. We meet and exceed all of the regulations that regard accepting and processing documents, signed via electronic signatures.

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How secure are Electronic Signatures?

Very. All of your data is stored in a highly restrictive, access limited database within a state-of-the-art data centre. Your account password is stored as a, realistically speaking, irreversible, “one-way encryption” into our database system.

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How do my customers actually sign? What device can they use?

Customers can sign any way they wish, you can draw your signature, upload an image of your signature or simply type it. Whether it’s with a mouse, a finger or by typing their name, all are legally binding methods to agree to the terms of your document. Signers can sign on any device, including mobile device, tablet or desktop, laptop and Mac users. It’s easy to add your digital signature, documents sent through Signable can be signed from literally anywhere, at any time.

Can I try before I buy?

Of course! Try Signable for and get your electronic signature for FREE for 14 days here, it takes less than 60 seconds to sign up and you won’t need a credit/debit card. Just fill in the form above to get started!