How can I digitally sign a PDF file?

At Signable we hear the question “how do you digitally sign a PDF file?” quite a lot. The answer we give is pretty straightforward – use electronic signatures!

It’s easy to add your signature to a PDF without the need to print or scan anything. No handwritten signature or pen and paper required (meaning no costs or storage needed!). 

Using Signable can help to streamline your company’s signing process. Sending and signing PDFs is really easy, we promise.

What to do if you need a PDF signed

If you need to get documents signed fast then digital signing is the perfect solution for you. Using Signable it’s easy to upload a PDF file (or Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) and send it to a signing party to add their signature.

Using Signable to send documents to be digitally signed

There’s an easy step by step process for getting your PDF documents signed:

  1. To start, sign up for your free Signable account.
  2. Click ‘New Envelope’ and upload your PDF file in the corner of the screen..
  3. From there you can add a signature field wherever you need to be signed for parties to fill and sign. You can view your PDF in preview to make sure you’re happy with how it looks.
  4. Add the names and email addresses of signing parties and when you’re ready you can hit send!

It really can be that simple. From there the PDF file will be delivered to the signing parties, they will then have the chance to insert their signature into the PDF and once every signing party has done so you will receive the signed documents and a full audit trail of events.

How do I digitally sign a PDF?

If you’ve received an email from Signable asking to add your signature to documents or sign a PDF document don’t worry, it’s really easy to do. You don’t even need to sign up for a Signable account!

Simply open the link in the email you receive and add your signature digitally where asked once you are prompted. Signable integrates with Google Drive so you are able to access PDFs, apply your digital signatures and save the PDF.

With Signable, you are able to access, sign and send PDFs from your laptop or mobile devices. Having the ability to electronically sign anywhere and anytime means that you can sign time-sensitive documents easily. 

What should my signature look like on a PDF? 

Uploading an image of your signature is fine if you want to do that, as is simply typing your name or if you prefer you can draw your signature. There’s no standard look for an electronic signature so you’re free to add whatever fits you best.

Electronic signatures are legally binding, with a lot of benefits that wet signatures don’t have and creating your signature is so straightforward you’ll wonder why you’ve not done it before.

Is digitally signing PDFs secure?

Signable has SSL encryption on every page and offers password protection on every document, meaning no one sees the documents that you don’t want to.