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Learn how to send a document with Signable

Sending documents for signing with Signable is easy! Watch the below video tutorial to learn how to get started.

Organisations of all sizes use eSignatures

Businesses of all sizes use Signable to manage, send and sign documents. Leave time consuming handwritten processes in the past and find a plan that fits you, joining thousands of Signable users.

You can send documents to be digitally signed from anywhere, at any time and from any device. Get an instant response from anywhere in the world, get your important documents signed and improve your sign rate.

Offer your customers easy signing experiences, whether from a desktop, mobile device or tablet. Upload files including Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel files and PDFs.

Electronic signatures are 100% legally binding.

Signable sticks to and exceeds the latest electronic signature laws within the UK and the European Union, most notably eIDAS regulation. For those in the USA, Signable complies with UETA and ESIGN acts.

Signable also provides a full audit trail following the completion of the signing process.

How does an Electronic Signature work?

Sending online documents is easy! Simply upload your document into Signable, add who you need to sign it, specify where you want them to sign and hit send. We’ll do the rest from there.

The signer will receive an email with a unique link to add their electronic signature to the document. Creating eSignatures is that easy.

No registration is needed by the signer and they can sign from any device. If you need to send one document to multiple people, no problem. You can easily add multiple signers when sending out the document for electronic signing.

How much does Signable cost?

Our pricing is the simplest and most flexible around, with no hidden costs or long contracts. We have a plan to suit every business.

Our Pay As You Go plan provides ultimate flexibility whilst our Monthly plans start at just £25 per month and all plans have no commitment and no minimum period. Our annual plans allow you to use as many credits as you need over the festive period without being bound to a monthly allowance.

When you sign up, you’ll start on a 14 day free trial so you can try our award-winning eSign platform free.

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