How to sign an online document

Here’s how to sign an online document…

It’s easy to send important documents to be esigned with Signable.

Step 1: Sign up for your free Signable account.

Step 2: Select ‘Send New Envelope’ and upload your documents.

Step 3: Add your signing fields (aka where you need to get signed) and then the signing parties details.

Step 4: Send!

Signing online documents

With Signable you can upload PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and more to be signed. Normally you might think you need to print out the document, sign it, scan it back into your computer and send it back. However, with Signable everything happens in the app so there’s no time-consuming printing and scanning at all. Signable makes it easy to get different types of documents signed, securely and quickly.

What is an electronic signature

An electronic signature is digital data attached to an electronic document by a person with an intent to sign. Electronic signatures (or eSignatures) can be an uploaded image of your signature or typed.

Why should you use an electronic signature?

This can be summed up pretty quickly by saying that electronic signatures can save you time and money. You can upload and have a document ready in minutes, simply by adding your signature fields and the signee’s email addresses then hitting send. Once you’ve sent it the signing party can easily add their signature and send it back. There’s no need to print anything out, instead, it can be all done using a computer, smartphone or tablet which makes signing documents easy for everyone involved.

How do you create an electronic signature?

If you receive a Signable document that requires your signature you may wonder about how to sign an online document. Don’t worry, simply follow the links in the email and follow where you are asked to add your signature. Once you’ve read over the document it’s easy to add a signature either by typing it or uploading an image.

How do you electronically sign a PDF document?

The good news is signing PDFs is no different than signing any other type of document with Signable. If you are asked to sign a PDF document or are the one uploading it simply follow the instructions above.

How do you create and send a document for someone else to sign electronically?

You can create a free account with Signable, upload your documents and send them for your clients to digitally sign. Once you’ve sent your online document you can keep track of if your client has signed or not and if you want to, send them reminders so they don’t forget to sign. Once everyone has signed the document you will receive a full audit trail detailing the events of the electronic signing.

What other tools can you use when eSigning documents?

Signable has a number of integrations available to make the process of sending and signing documents seamless and making Signable an easy way to sign. Signable offers you Dropbox integration, Zapier integration and Touchright integration. A full list of integrations can be found here.

How to create a digital signature?

Often the words electronic signature and digital signature are used to mean the same thing, this is actually incorrect. Digital signatures are something Signable does not currently offer, if you would like to learn more about the differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures we’ve got an article online that explains the difference here.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Short answer, yes. Electronic signatures are legally binding and electronically signing documents will hold up in court. The U.K has accepted electronic signatures since 2000, with the Electronic Communications Act 2000, and also now the eIDAS regulations that came into play July 2016. Signable complies with these regulations and you can be sure that your online document is legally binding.

Are electronic signatures secure?

Signable electronic signatures are 100% secure with SSL encryption on every page to protect your document online. You have the choice of password protection and as previously mentioned will receive a full audit trail upon completion.

Try Electronic Signatures

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