Sign PDF documents with Signable

How to sign PDF documents in 5 easy steps:

Your PDF document will be sent via email, so to sign PDF documents you need to…

  • Open the email from
  • There’ll be a link inside the email, click to open the signing page
  • Add text, date, ID uploads etc.
  • Click the sign button & choose the type of electronic signature you’d like to use:
  1. Type your signature with a keyboard
  2. Upload an image file of your signature
  3. Draw/write your signature with a mouse or trackpad
  • Submit your online signature with the ‘complete’ button – That’s how you add your signature to a PDF document!

When you add your signature to a digital document, you’re legally bound by that contract as stated in the eIDAS Act and eSign Act. 

How Signable Works

Signable makes sending and signing documents easy. Creating your document is simple with our drag and drop software and sending documents is quick and easy to do.

Signers will receive an email including your document (PDF file) and it’s easy for those signing to create an electronic signature. Simply draw your signature, upload an image of your signature or even just type it out and it will be legally binding and secure.

You can read more about what electronic signatures are here and electronic signature benefits can be found here.

Electronic Signature Legality?

Signable complies to electronic signature regulations throughout the UK, EU, and beyond! Signable meets the electronic signature laws defined by the eIDAS regulation and other specific country regulations around the world.

Signing a document with an electronic or digital signature is as legally binding as a written signature is. You can read further on the subject and how electronic signatures are legally binding in the UK (and beyond) here.

Electronics Signatures Security?

All your information is stored securely and all pages are encrypted using bank-level security. A full audit log, including IP addresses, is available for every PDF document signed with Signable.

The signing certificate, with the audit log, is available on the last page of the signed PDF. For more details, you can read our page on the security of an electronic signature online and Signable here.

Sign PDF Documents with the plan best suited to you

Pricing starts at just £1.50 per PDF document for lower volumes and just £25 per month for higher volumes.

Check out our plans page to see what would be the best fit for your company. We have a number of flexible plans to choose from.

Simply follow this link to sign up for a free 14 day trial of Signable and try a free PDF signature.

Electronic Signing benefits:

  • Sign using any device, anywhere
  • Simple user interface
  • Hints that guide you through the signing process
  • When creating your signature you have 3 methods to choose from
  1. Type your signature
  2. Upload a photo of your signature
  3. Draw your signature
  • SSL encryption for all information included & added to the document
  • Legal authentication with full audit log
  • Easily upload ID proof with the upload field

What you get when you send electronic documents:

  • Simple & quick to set up your documents
  • Upload your existing documents (Word, Excel or PDF files)
  • Add personal messages to clients 
  • Send to multiple parties
  • Sign yourself before your parties see the document
  • Customisable fields, edit font, if it’s a required field etc.
  • Password protection for your sensitive documents
  • Full legal authentication, including an audit log
  • Branded signing emails

Send & sign anywhere, on any device!

We make sure our eSignatures work on a range of devices. We rigorously test on  Macs and PCs, as well as all major smartphones and tablets.

Signable encrypts all your information, as well as your clients’, so you’re safe from third-parties. We also test on a myriad of browsers, so whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or even Internet Explorer… your digital documents are in good hands.

We accept a few different file formats that you can upload to use and send via Signable. We support Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PDF files.

Green Business, is smart business

Whether you’re a big or small business even a small change can make a huge difference. You can save the paper you print on, the printer, the ink cartridges, the envelope, the stamp and the emissions used delivering your documents with eSignatures.

Every year millions of trees are cut down only to be turned into paper for our offline documents. These documents need to be delivered, emitting harmful gasses into our atmosphere from vans, lorries and planes.

Control & in-depth document tracking

Tracking paper documents is almost impossible. But, with electronic documents, you can track exactly who has and hasn’t signed, and who you’re waiting on. We also show you if anyone has rejected the contract or document and the date they did so, so you can follow-up as soon as possible. 

Once all parties have signed their parts of the document you receive an audit trail that details every step of the signing process sent straight to your inbox. All audit trails are visible in your Signable account for 24/7 access.

Your time is money

Think about the old process of sending physical documents in the post, or even the act of scanning and emailing, then printing the other end. It’s a lot of effort for you and your client. If you add up how long it takes for the process to complete, that’s valuable time you could be using elsewhere.

Our customers have significantly cut down their contract turn-arounds from days and weeks to hours and minutes!

So swap your handwritten signature for an electronic one!

Why our customers love using Signable

Customers are the core of what we do at Signable, so we love to help you with anything we can.

That’s why Featured Customers rated us as a Top Performer in their recent Customer Success report. 

Our Customer Success team guide you through anything you need help with, from the big to the small.

Even if that means downgrading your plan, if you’re not using up your credits, or upgrading you to a better plan with more features, like IP Allowlisting.

Ready to give us a go? Try our free trial!

We don’t need any payment info – just a few details and you’re good to go!