Electronic signatures speed up the signing process

Power your business with Signable electronic signatures and get your documents sent and signed quickly. Our e-signature platform is easy to use from any device and legally binding, try free for 14 days and see for yourself.

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Easy Electronic Signatures

Signable’s e-signature solution is easy to pick up and you can streamline the signing process in no time. You can send documents anywhere, anytime and to any device, meaning your sign rate will increase and you’ll save on costs such as postage and printing.

You won’t need to meet clients face to face to get a signature and you can get documents signed instantly, all online. It’s easy to send reminders to clients that are taking too long to sign documents and you can easily keep track of the status of every document you send on your Signable dashboard.

It’s easy to upload your documents to the Signable platform, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel files and PDFs can all be added in seconds. You can save the templates you regularly use, add as many additional users as you like to your account and there’s free access to our API. If you do run into any issues our Customer Team are on hand to help with any problems and available to all customers.

Depending on the level of your plan you can also add custom branding to your documents, set different levels of permission on your account and add IP Allowlist. Plans are flexible, meaning that you can signup for either monthly or annual durations based on whatever suits your business best.

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Legally binding e-signatures

Signable electronic signatures are legally binding in accordance with the European Union’s eIDAS regulations (aka 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services). For those based in the UK and the EU, you can be confident knowing e-Signatures are recognised as being as legally binding as a traditional handwritten signature.

Once your documents have been signed all parties receive a full audit trail, detailing the signing process for all involved.

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What industries use electronic signatures?

Whatever industry you work in its likely that e-signatures are used in it. Signable work with companies in industries across the board, from big corporations to growing SMEs. The Signable platform is easy to tailor to your business no matter the size and we have a number of integrations available that make it easy to accommodate Signable into your business.

Here are some testimonials from businesses that have benefitted from adopting Signable electronic signatures:

“Overall I’m thrilled with the level of service we received from Signable. The campaign has been a notable success with a higher response rate than I have ever received on a campaign before and having the expertise of the Signable team when it came to scheduling email send times was invaluable!”
BMW Ireland

“So straight forward. You can create personal messages which is really good and saves time! Previously everything was kept on-site with paper copies but now everything is stored electronically and is very trackable … Anything that requires signatures we use Signable for.”
Krispy Kreme

“The results have been astounding. In one hotel, the average response time signing and returning contracts was reduced from three days to just one hour and 45 minutes. In another, it was cut from two days to 3.5 hours!”
Interstate Hotels

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Switching to a Paperless Business

Businesses of all different sizes are switching to becoming paperless. If you’re on the fence about making the switch there are a variety of reasons to do so and switching to e-signatures can see an increase in productivity, save money, save office space and be used archive important documents online securely.

Going paperless also has a positive effect on an organisation’s carbon footprint and can help the environment.

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