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What is a digital signature?

A technology that allows a person to electronically sign a contract online.

Simply put, it’s the digital version of a paper method of signing signatures on an electronic document. But they’re not just a scribble on a screen, they also legally bind electronic documents in exactly the same way as paper documents.

Are digital signatures secure?

Our digital signatures are 100% safe and secure, with Two-Factor Authentication and SSL encryption on every page you visit on the Signable website. This means that no one can spy on your password or the documents you send using our services. Every action, from the moment you upload the document, is recorded in a complete audit trail which is added to the corresponding envelope of your account. Events will be recorded until the signer signs the document. We give you the option to add a password that protects everything you send. Moreover, everything is stored securely in the cloud, so that they are only accessible to you and the users to whom you have given permission.

Are digital signatures legal?

We comply with regulations established by eIDAS to ensure that your documents are legally binding in any court.
The document is stored securely in your account so that you can always access it easily.

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