Lofti Case Study

Lofti Case Study

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Your comprehensive Property Management solution

Lofti is a property management solution platform allowing estate agents, private landlords, and tenants to come together as one when it comes to lettings, property maintenance and rent payment. 

Lofti provides a solution that facilitates the onboarding of a new landlord and new tenants. With powerful integrations with Open banking solution, Listing portals and Signable, managing tenancy agreements has never been easier.

Their problem…

With multiple documents, agreements and contracts involved in property management, Lofti needed a solution which streamlined the signing process. 

Our solution…

Signable’s easy-to-use platform and API integration was a must-have when it came to fulfilling Lofti’s document signing needs.

“Since the beginning of Lofti. Signable was the first integration we worked on to simplify the signature process.”

The results… 

With eSignatures an integrated part of the service, Lofti are able to manage their clients’ documents with ease, making the property management process easier for all involved.

“Sending a document with Signable is simple: when one of our users needs to send an agreement to their client (either tenant or landlord) we generate a template via our system. This template is then sent to signable via an API call. In this API call we define the different parties who will sign the agreement. The signature request is then automatically sent to the signing parties by Signable.”