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Signable resources

An Introduction to Signable

New to the exciting world of electronic signatures and need a little guidance?

We’ll show you how:

  • Electronic Signatures help pretty much every industry
  • ESigning myths debunked!
  • Testimonials from our customers like Aardman Animations & Interstate Hotels
Signable resources

The Future of Property: 5 year Insight from Property Experts

In recent years, and even just in the past few months, property has seen a huge uptake in digitalisation.

We spoke to a range of PropTech experts on:

  • How they’ve seen the industry change
  • Their role in the change – Investors, PropTech innovators, industry analysts
  • Their expert 5 year predictions for PropTech
Signable resources

Boosting Sales by Closing Fast

Sales is a fine art.

You’ve got to know how to carefully craft your sales journey and how to lead the customer through it.

We’ll cover: 

  • Main errors in your Sales strategy
  • How to overcome (almost) any buyer excuse
  • How to close the deal (almost) every time
  • Sales Experts’ Tips

The Remote Work Handbook

Working from home for a long stretch of time can be a big challenge. But don’t panic!

We’ll cover:

  • The benefits of working from home
  • How to get your work environment right
  • Tools for a quick fix & long-term solutions
  • General things to keep in mind

Essential Guide to eSignatures in the USA

What’s included in the Essential Guide?

  • What is an Electronic Signature?
  • eSignature Legality in the US
  • Signable’s Security Protocols
  • What the Signable Platform Looks Like
  • Testimonials from our Customers
  • Pricing Breakdown
Signable resources

Deadlines beaten, compliance exceeded, IRS Tax solved!

What’s included?

  • Our Accounting & Tax features
  • What your clients expect
  • Reducing job stress with electronic processes
  • The future of Accounting, Tax & eSignatures
  • IRS tax forms – What can you sign electronically?
  • Exceptions to eSign & eIDAS laws
customer success ebook

The Little eBook of Customer Success

Customers are the absolute centric part to all businesses. Treat them as humans not as numbers and you’ll see huge growth!

We’ll cover:

  • Customer Success VS Customer Service
  • Tracking loyalty
  • Customer delighting – focussing on the existing customers
  • & more from our contributors!
electronic signature government

Local Council Guide to eSignatures

Move with the times, create an easy, integrated process for your constituents with electronic signature for Governments & Councils.

We breakdown everything you need to know before investing:

  • A Public Sector Revolution
  • Use Cases – What can you eSign?
  • Legality & Security first
  • Why eSignatures, Why Signable? Benefits & key things to know when investing
  • What Our Local Council Customers Say

Prosolution & Signable – Education Software Solutions Whitepaper

What’s included in the Prosolution & Signable whitepaper?

  • What is Prosolution & Prosuite?
  • How do I electronically sign learner forms?
  • What is Signable & eSigning?
  • Benefits of online signing

US PropTech – Companies to Watch 2022-25

In our e-Book, we explore what the United States has to offer in terms of innovation and technology. On top of this, we also provide you with our top PropTech companies to watch out for.

We’ll cover:

  • An interactive map of the US with “Tech to watch out for” by location
  • Exclusive article by CEO and founder of Diggz, Rany Burstein: “The future is in VR”
  • Exclusive article by CEO and founder of RentBase, Noaam Blum: “Rentals are owning the future of Prop-Tech
  • Prop-Tech predictions 2022-2025
  • Signable insights

eSignatures For Loan Agreements

In this e-Book, we explore the possibilities of utilising eSignatures in your Credit Union. We include exclusive statistics, detailed benefits & use cases, and FAQs.

We’ll cover:

  • An introduction to how consumer behaviour is influencing the move to digitlisation by Credit Unions
  • Exclusive statistics taken from a survey we ran on Signable’s Credit Union customers
  • The benefits & use cases of harnessing eSignatures in Loan Agreements
  • FAQs

Our essential Signable API eBook

For customers and non-customers alike, this Signable API guide paints the perfect picture for why you should integrate our eSignature software into your business.

But, more importantly, our eBook contains an easy-to-follow guide for setting up your Signable API.

The API eBook contains:

  • What is the Signable API?
  • How to get started
  • the API benefits for businesses
  • FAQ’s for our API
  • Pricing & Plans

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