eSignatures are built for everyone – How to do an e Signature

With an easy peasy interface, customisable options, and integrations with your apps. We’ll show you how with our simple step-by-step guide…


Look no further than, well, under this heading…

1. Upload

Upload your document straight from your computer, DropBox or from a saved template

2. Customise

Add your signing elements, tick boxes etc.

Do you want to set up a password to up the security of important documents? We’ve got you covered, tick the box

3. Who’s Signing?

Pop the Signee(s) name and email into the box and presto! You can choose however many people you want to sign, just add more parties until you’re satisfied

4. ‘Send’

Click the send button and we’ll do the rest!

By the time you get a cuppa, your document will be in your Inbox, signed, with full legal authentication




These instructions will mean you can successfully deliver your scribble…

1. Open the email from

Click your unique link to the document. You’ll be taken to our super simple signing page.

You don’t need to have an account with us to sign, but you know what they say ‘once you eSign, you’ll never go back’…

2. Complete your sections

The sender will have specified what you need to fill in e.g. your signature.

You can draw your signature using a touch-screen device, type it or upload a photo of it. They’re all perfectly acceptable.

 3. Press ‘Send’

Once everything is filled in, go ahead a press send.

A copy of the signed document will be sent to you and everyone else who signed, including the sender.

That’s it! Easy, right?