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Collaborate with Teams

Organise your Signable account in line with your business structure by creating teams.

Efficiently manage workflows

Create a seamless workflow tailored to your organisational structure. Need to keep Sales and Finance separate? No problem. Simply create teams and grant them specific permissions to limit departmental access. This targeted approach not only increases efficiency but also optimises team productivity.

Customise control for compliance

Tailor team permissions to align with your company’s compliance standards and industry regulations. Whether you need to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, or other industry-specific regulations, Teams allows you to customise controls and demonstrate a commitment to data protection and integrity.

Teams explained

Check out some of our other great features 

Signable features - User roles

User roles

Quickly grant your Signable users the appropriate permission levels for their role in your organisation.

Signable features - All at once signing

Choice of signing sequence

Choose how to send your documents – to all parties at once, or in a specific sequence.

Signable features - Responsive signing

Mobile signing

Fully optimised for mobile devices so you can sign on the go.

Signable features - IP allowlists

IP address allowlists

Configure an allowlist of IP addresses for your team and collaborate securely.

Signable features - Data exports

Data exports

Easily export all data in your Signable account as CSV files.

Signable features - Language translation

Multiple languages

Working with clients abroad? No problem. Signable supports 6 different languages.

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