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Automate document signing with Widgets

Generate multiple signed documents from a single link. Share via email or embed in your app.

Simply the signing process

Have a generic form you need all customers to sign, such as a booking or enquiry form? Creating a widget will not only save you time, but provide a seamless signing experience for your customers. Widgets are versatile and can be sent as a link via email, or embedded into your app.

Send widgets via email

Convert your document into an easily accessible URL which you can send en-mass to your clients via email. Once the signer has verified their signature, the document will show as completed in your Signable account, just like any other envelope.

Embed widgets into your website or app

Receive an embed code for your template which can be placed directly onto your website for fast and efficient signing. You will only be charged for envelopes which have had their signatures verified by the signer, so not only is this a great way to gather signatures efficiently for simple forms, but helps to manage costs too. 

Check out some of our other great features

Signable features - Embedded signing

Embedded signing

Display the signing page directly within your app for seamless and efficient eSigning.

Signable features - Auto reminders


Automatically remind signers to complete their signature. It couldn’t be easier.

Signable features - 2 factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Enable 2FA within your account to add an additional layer of security when logging in.

Signable features - Unlimited users

Unlimited users

Add as many users to your Signable account as you wish, at no extra cost.

Signable features - Secure document storage

Secure document storage

A secure copy of a completed document remains in your account for future reference.

Signable features - Auto expiry


Set an automatic expiry date for contracts and other time sensitive documents.

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