Graduation to apprenticeship – Why hire apprentices?

Graduation to apprenticeship – Why hire apprentices?

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Hi, it’s Sophie (again). I was recently given the opportunity to break some rumours about what an apprenticeship is, in a short video (bottom). With the addition of our new apprentice, Lewis, let’s see how we’ve been doing so far and why we’ve decided to rope in another one. This blog post is about to get quite cheesy, but stick around to find out more about apprenticeships.

Number one, let’s tear down this “apprenticeships are a ‘last chance saloon’ for school-leavers” thing.

It’s also a pretty cool opportunity for graduates after university and companies to work together. It’s a different yet, productive learning experience for both parties. Mostly because chances are, the apprentice is new to the job and the employer is new to apprentices. It’s a win-win scenario.

Since January, I’ve learnt everything from choosing the right gifs, to optimising a video so it’s shown to well, you! I’ve been here less than a year and already feel like I can keep up with the grand fromages of marketing.

Mostly because I’ve been taught by a lovely, welcoming team who put up with my silly questions. 

An apprenticeship can seem like a step backwards for graduates, but, the sooner we stamp out this feeling the better. Because it will probably be the best thing you do, whichever side you stand. Especially if you’re in that odd space between a part time ‘Joe job’ and full time career. An apprenticeship can kick start a new chapter, that otherwise might never happen.

Same goes if you’re an employer. If you teach them right, apprentices are some of the most passionate employees you’ll ever get.

We’re always up for a challenge and are pretty excited about anything new and shiny to sink their teeth into (maybe that’s just me).

There’s loads of options in terms of sectors. Professional Apprenticeships have a good selection, no matter what you’re looking to learn. Most are “learn on the job” type placements so you need literally no prior knowledge. This is what I did, I found you can find your niche and see what unique skill you can bring to it, in my case film-making.

I’ve loved almost every second of working with Signable, and I’m looking forward to ‘graduating’ and being officially employed!

So enough of me, take a look at my biopic filmed by the lovely lads at DAW creatives, in partnership with Professional apprenticeships. Give them a ring if you think you’d be interested in starting today.