How to sign a Signable document

Signing a Signable document? Here’s what you need to know.

If you have received an email from Signable asking for an electronic signature but aren’t sure what to do don’t worry. It is easy to review the document and add your signature, simply follow the steps below!

1. Open the email from

Start by opening the email you have been sent, reviewing any message the sender has added. Click the link that says ‘Please click here to sign the document (the documents name)’ to get started with the signing process.

2. Agree to sign electronically

After you click on the link you’ll be presented with a page and the document you’ve been asked to sign. You can review the document at your leisure from here.

From here you can also change the language, review the parties involved, check out the legality of electronic signing, ask us any questions you have and sign the document. 

3. Complete your sections

The sender will have specified where you need to fill in with your signature. Adding your signature is really easy. You can draw your signature using a touch-screen device, type it or you can sign by uploading an image of your signature. Be it typing, drawing or image file, they’re all perfectly acceptable.

4. Press ‘Send’

Once you add your signature and everything is filled in, go ahead and press send. A copy of the signed document will be sent to you and everyone else who signed, including the original sender. 

That’s it!

Still stuck?

Don’t worry we have a help video you can view below or alternatively get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.