Using Signable for property

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1. What are electronic signatures?

They’re an electronic version of your handwritten one and are easily created on an electronic document.

They work in the same way as a physical signature and are actually safer and less-forgeable.

Fully legal too, but we’ll get into that next…

2. Are eSignatures legal?

Absolutely! We comply with regulations set out by the eIDAS to ensure your documents are legally binding in any court. Once signed you’ll get a full certificate showing you everyone who signed, when and their unique fingerprint and IP address.

To make sure everything is kept legal we ensure:

  • eIDAS compliance & exceedance of UK eSign regulation
  • Detailed audit log stored for each signature action
  • Identification of users verified before permitted to send documents
  • Document integrity checked, always
  • Unique salted fingerprints for each document
  • Secure storage of documents and data
  • Signatory identity verified via email address, timestamps and geo-tracking
  • SSL 256-bit AES/RSA encryption
  • Only you and people you’ve authorised can access documents

3. Is my data safe?

Every page you visit on Signable’s website is SSL encrypted, including the signing page your clients use. So your password and secure documents can’t be snooped on.

Every action from the point of uploading is logged in a full audit trail attached to the document. You’ll be able to see right down to the minute when the signee has opened the document.

Your documents are stored securely in the cloud for access only by people you’ve specified.

We offer you the choice of password protecting anything you send with us, and it’s never, ever stored as plain text.

4. What can I use it for?

Pretty much anything that requires a signature! From tenancy agreements to freelance work contracts, to new employee contracts.

All the documents you need to sign, all managed from one place. Plus we securely store all the documents you send with us for no extra cost!

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