Electronic Signatures for Claims

Stop chasing documents, now!

An increasing number of businesses in the claims industry is fed up with chasing documents for signatures and are now using electronic signatures speed up the process.

After The Law Society released a new practice note, businesses across the claims sector have been adopting electronic signatures and enjoying the benefits that come with them.

What the law says about eSignatures

“Commercial contracts drafted by solicitors operate in every aspect of our economy and can govern deals worth millions, or even billions, of pounds. There is no room for error when so much is at stake, therefore it is vital that solicitors can have confidence in the legal framework surrounding such innovations.”

-Robert Bourns, Law Society President

See our full legality guide here.


Claims use cases:

  • Terms & conditions
  • Claims notifications
  • Client care letters
  • Form of authority


How do eSignatures help?


Faster turnaround

eSignatures reduce turn around time massively – around 80% quicker on average! This means claims can be completed and returned the same day by a customer. Allowing you to turn your focus away from the admin side, and back to improving customer satisfaction.


Protect your documents

Security is important for every business, but none more so than when dealing with claims forms that contain sensitive/personal information. eSignatures give you a safer process than paper documents offer. Signable take security very seriously, you can read more


Retrace your steps

As eSignatures are electronic; every action can be logged. Need to check a document’s been opened? It’s logged. Need to check time and date it was signed? It’s logged. Every action is tracked, along with IP addresses & location. A full audit log of every action is saved and sent as a PDF with each completed document.


Initiating paperless processes

Manage finished and nearly-finished documents at the click of a button. You’ll increase your efficiency and organise forms, all the while reducing paper consumption within your business. Reducing printing costs and keeps all your work searchable. Result!


“Our conversion on signed packs is notably higher using this method … Whenever we can use an electronic signature, we use it. It helps turn business around quicker and the clients enjoy the ease of use.”

-Stanton Fisher


Concerned about legality and security of your client’s information? See our full legality guide here.

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What does everyone else say about Signable?

This improves the customer experience and saves us at least half an hour per client as we no longer need to send reminders, Signable does that for us. We’re saving £15 a client so over £4,000 saving this year by using Signable.
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