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Events are busy. Whether organising a party, wedding, conference, exhibition or the like; a lot of paper is exchanged back & forth in order to sort. Booking forms, invoices, confirmations – there’s a lot of paper-based processes to follow up on! By utilising eSignatures you can ensure whatever role you’re playing in an event, everything is signed off quickly.

Events use cases

  • Booking forms
  • Wedding Contracts
  • Quotes
  • Invoices

Signable meets your requirements

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'eSignatures for events'

Why choose Signable?

Faster turnaround

eSignatures reduce turn around time massively – around 80% quicker on average! This means claims can be completed and returned the same day by a customer. Allowing you to turn your focus away from the admin side, and back to improving customer satisfaction.

Keep your work mobile

Many roles in events find themselves frequently out of the office, visiting potential and current customers, or of course, at events!. By storing all your documents in your Signable account, not only does this free space up in the office, but it also keeps info accessible wherever you are, at any time of day.

Unique deal terms

As we’ve mentioned before; when closing a sale you need to ensure your client signs a document tailored to them. From their quoted prices to their dates and names. Amending these details on a template every time can get tedious. But! With our merge fields feature these variables can be added to your contract at the point of sending.

Since taking on Signable, I’ve had great support with setting up my electronic signatures! The team take their time getting to know their clients and building up relationships - they have great attention to detail and always go the extra mile!
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Signable meets your requirements

Download the complete PDF guide
'eSignatures for events'

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