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Marketing is about keeping your finger to the pulse and staying on top of trends. You can always better how you do things. And that’s why if you update your tools that get your work done whilst catering to clients needs, you will ensure you don’t fall behind the competition.

Marketing use cases

Service agreements
Affiliate contracts
Creative concepts
Artwork sign off

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'eSignatures for Marketing'

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Why choose Signable?

Cut down your turnaround

eSignatures reduce turn around time hugely -around 80% quicker on average. Meaning any operational documents that need signing off can be completed and returned the same day. Allowing you to spend less time on the admin side of things and focus more on your campaigns.

Compliance is taken care of

Compliance and legal issues aren’t concerns typically kept at the front of most marketers minds. However, marketing teams can relax knowing that eSignatures are fully compliant with eIDAS regulations, reinforcing their legibility and security. Keeping contracts valid long into the future.

Retrace all project steps

As eSignatures are, electronic; every action is logged. Need to check someone has opened a document? It’s logged. Need to check the time and date it was signed? It’s logged. Giving your team complete transparency of the project’s status. And by setting auto-reminders on contracts that have yet to be signed off, team’s don’t have to waste any time chasing signatures.

Keep campaign development moving

Working on campaigns, website development and content creation all need to ensure projects are completed in accordance with outlines schedules. Whilst working alongside other departments and stakeholders. But, by taking on our paperless process, briefs and sign-offs can be sent digitally and finalised instantly.

Thanks to Signable our costs are non-existent, our entire office (including accounting) is paperless. This has a lot of benefits: we can work from wherever in the world and we ALWAYS have access to our files. Timewise it saves us at least 5 hours a week.

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