Electronic Signatures for Public Sector & Government

Move with the times, create an easy, integrated process for your constituents with electronic signature for Government. 

The public sector has to move faster than ever before, with the public demanding technological processes for every area of society. Easily enable documents to be signed and submitted online with Signable’s Public Sector Signing.

Signable is compliant with and exceeds the eSign legislation currently in place across the UK, EU, US and globally, including eIDAS, ESIGN & UETA. 

See the full legality breakdown here


legal signature on documents

We’re legally compliant with both the eSign and eIDAS acts as well as a host of other legislation across the world. Check out our global legality guides to see how we keep you legally binding, worldwide.

Public Sector & Government Electronic Signature Use cases

  • Travel and expense forms
  • Hiring processes
  • Employee benefit and consent forms
  • DVLA & DMV forms and processes
  • Disability program forms
  • Grant processes
  • Public health & Social services programs
  • University & college admissions and financial aid
  • Company Incorporation/registration forms
  • Housing programs
  • Childcare and family assistance programs
  • IT asset management
  • Payroll and finance processes
  • Department of Transportation
  • Construction documents


Why Signable? 

Faster than faxing, more secure than the postal service and easier than emailing


Improve public processes with 21st-century tools

The demand for electronic processes, that can be completed at any time has risen considerably in recent years. Consumers have come to expect the ease that digital gives. Using electronic signatures not only satisfies the need for digital but also saves hours of processing and filing time for public sector workers.


‘Go Digital’ for less

Tight budgets can mean compromise, but Signable’s plans offer more features at no extra cost than any other provider. Our prices are among the most competitive and include personal account management for all monthly and annual plans. We also have flexible credit allocation to allow for bulk one-off sending that won’t break the bank.  

Increased security & privacy of documents

Paper documents can be tricky to keep secure and private. Electronic documents signed with Signable are timestamped and authenticated with an audit trail present on each document sent. This means signing is far safer and secure.

Our platform is fully SSL Encrypted and we offer password protection for no extra cost, so sensitive information will stay confidential.

Signable can help improve your compliance stance by giving greater visibility into who has – and has not – signed important documents.  We automatically store documents in either our encrypted cloud, or your provider of choice (Google Drive, Dropbox etc).


Banish paperwork overloads 

The public sector is full of internal documents that require signatures, like employee contracts, travel documents, financial services and more. These documents often have to pass multiple hands and contain multiple signatures. 

Signable streamlines every process, whether it’s internal or external. You’ll be able to track every document sent and automatically send reminders to anyone who’s not signed yet.

Sign anywhere

The future is mobile! Signable allows you and your constituents to sign wherever and on whatever device, mobile, tablet, laptop and in person. Our progressive web app means you can manage, send and sign your documents from your iphone or andriod.


Concerned about legality and security of your constituents’ information? See our full legality guide here.


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