Electronic Signatures for Photography

Stop chasing documents, now!

Whether you are a freelance photographer or a fully fledged photography company, you’ll be interacting with documents and contracts wherever you go. That’s where eSignatures can lend a helping hand. Keeping all your contracts in one place and optimising your agreements process will make those bookings roll in even faster. 

Photography Use Cases

  • Photographer contracts
  • W9 tax forms
  • Photography invoices
  • Photo release forms

How Signable can help

Make more bookings

This one’s simple. Faster turnaround on your contracts means you have more time for doing what you do best. eSignatures save you time on printing, dragging yourself to the post office and waiting for your clients to get back to you. With Signable’s time-saving features (think templates, pre-fillable fields, and client reminders) you can get your contracts, invoices and tax forms sent off in a tick, and sent back to you just as quickly.

Cut down your footprint 

As an industry that is being constantly innovated by flashy new products, you’ll want to keep ahead of your market by staying tech forward. Not only will eSignatures add extra value to the experience of your clients, they will also let you do your bit for the environment. To calculate how many trees you could save with eSignatures, check out our carbon calculator. 

Stay flexible

No doubt one of the most exciting aspects of the job is racing around attending events, seeing things, going places. Until you realise you have all this boring admin to sort out. Well, not anymore! Signable’s got you covered – access all your documents in one place, from anywhere, on any device.

Keep your costs low

One of the very best things about eSignatures is how much money they save. Say goodbye to paying for paper, ink and postage, as well as staff time invested in projects and chasing signatures. Be sure that your financial resources are being used wisely.

Concerned about legality and security of your client’s information? See our full legality guide here.

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What does everyone else say about Signable?

Using Signable allows me to quickly and conveniently get documents to my clients, as well as a seamless process for my clients completing and returning the documents to me. Before Signable I would have to send documents as PDF attachments, and my clients would have to print, write and scan them - resulting in poor quality documents.
Freelance Photographer

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