Electronic signature for government

Local council guide

Local Councils & eSignatures – What’s included?

Move with the times, create an easy, integrated process for your constituents with electronic signature for Government & Councils.

Government authorities have been challenged to provide enhanced services to their constituents, drive new programs, meet internal requirements and cut costs all while working under economic and regulatory pressures.

There’s a huge demand for integrates, functional and affordable electronic signature for governments, specifically Local Authorities.

We breakdown everything you need to know before investing:

  • A Public Sector Revolution
  • Use Cases – What can you eSign?
  • Legality & Security first
  • Why eSignatures, Why Signable? Benefits & key things to know when investing
  • What Our Local Council Customers Say
“Signable sped up the processing as well as streamlined our activity, it was planned as an option pre-Covid, but will likely be critical post-Covid.”
West Yorkshire Combined Authority
“We’re a local authority in Somerset and we are the Housing Advice Team helping tenants and landlords with housing issues in both the private and social housing sectors. So, remote signing of consent to share forms, contracts and agreements while we work from home is integral.”
Sedgemoor District Council