Signable May Product Updates

Signable May Product Updates

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May has been a flurry of excitement here at Signable HQ. We celebrated Wellness week at our office in the UK with special talks on stress management, financial wellbeing & nature walks, amongst other immersive events for our staff. 

We also received some exciting certifications as a Great Place to Work® for 2022/23! This award was a welcome surprise, as we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our parent company DOMO’s incorporation this month too. From a tiny room in an attic to an award-winning software company with Great Place to Work® status – what a feat!

We channelled this sense of excitement into our work, making some useful in-app changes to Signable to ensure you continue to have the best experience possible. 

Our site will now pre-populate today’s date on the signing page

Good news! When a signer opens the calendar, today’s date will be pre-selected and highlighted in blue, helping you select the correct date more effortlessly and reducing the number of mistakes.

This nifty update will save precious time and money as many people select the wrong date daily. 

Navigation and table scrollbars on Windows updated

Windows users – this one’s for you. You may have noticed that we have changed the view on the navigation and table scroll bars when signing a document on our app. Navigation should now be even more seamless.

This is part of our continued effort to make Signable the most reliable eSignature platform in the world, eliminating several key bugs in the platform monthly, even if you may not notice all of them. 

We are a certified Great Place to Work®!

We added another award to our cabinet, and this one means a lot to us. Officially, Signable is a Great Place to Work®! Our company culture is our top priority, and we don’t mean this in a performative way; you can measure our efforts.

Some of the results we received on our employee survey were: 

  • 99% for camaraderie.
  • 99% for leadership behaviour.
  • This year’s survey scored 95% compared to last year’s 93%.
  • ‘Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work’ received a score of 100%, whilst last year this was 96%.

And the best bit is, you can join our award-winning company! We have a few roles open so you can come and join a Great Place To Work®.  We are very active on our social media, documenting all of these fun events. Make sure to follow us on Instagram. 

Do you have a feature suggestion for Signable?

We’re all ears at Signable. We would love to hear from you. We have a site where you can suggest, vote and talk about the features you would like to see on Signable. Have a part to play on the platform!

You can find it here:

Google Docs integration 

Our ever-popular Google Docs integration is not so much a new feature, but we thought – if you needed a sign to get integrated with our Google Doc plugin, this is it. What can you do with our Google Docs integration?

With Google Docs integration you can easily push your documents out to be eSigned through your Signable account. Simply create the document or load it from Google Drive, add your signing field, select your signing parties and send!