Multiple documents in one envelope – why’d we change things?

Multiple documents in one envelope – why’d we change things?

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Last week we made some big changes to your sending page. This was to introduce our new multi-docs feature, which will mean you can send multiple documents in one envelope. It’s pretty awesome, and it’s something we’ve been working on for a while.

So what’s this post about?

Since going live, we’ve had feedback from customers who weren’t expecting the switch. Nobody likes change – we get it. Which is why we put this message on the previous sending page for one month (from March 20th – April 20th) before the changes went live:

multiple documents in one envelope

But it seems a lot of people didn’t notice it and have questioned our reasons for doing it. 

We always listen to the feedback we get from our customers and make a note of any features that are requested. Multiple documents in one envelope is a feature that we get requested a lot. Companies may need to send a Ts & Cs PDF along with the initial contract, or even several items as a pack to be signed. And until recently our only solution was to suggest combining all these documents into one PDF. Causing a lot of trouble for our users, and also not keeping things clear for the signer. And making things harder for you guys isn’t how we like to do things.

In making the changes we were also able to add the extra features you can see in the image up there ^^, which are also suggestions we’ve had along the way from you guys. Which is why once you get to the new way of sending, you’ll see how it can make your life loads easier! To refresh we have this help article that explains the new way of sending and this how-to video that quickly shows you how easy it is.

And whilst we’ve got you, we’d like to know how you’d prefer to find out about changes from Signable in the future. Do you check the website? Or scour social? Would you prefer to be emailed updates? Or have popups in your account? We always want to learn how to do things better for you guys, so give us a shout and let us know!

Happy Sending…