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Signable’s Celebrates Inclusivity, Diversity, and Empowerment!


Signable’s Women in Business event celebrates and champions women professionals in Bristol’s local business community.

Signable, a leading provider of electronic signature solutions, proudly hosted its highly anticipated and sold out Women in Business Event on Wednesday 6th March. The event, held at Signable’s office in central Bristol, brought together a diverse array of local business professionals and leaders to celebrate the achievements and resilience of women in the business world.

The event was a resounding success, attracting a vibrant mix of local Bristol professionals and businesses. Attendees were treated to an evening filled with inspiration, insightful discussions, and networking opportunities.

The event featured an engaging panel discussion, led by Signable host Ellie Yates, Head of Customer Success, and featured the incredible line up of Helena Hills (CEO of TrueStart Coffee), Bianca Jones (Managing Director of EDP Training), and Camilla Rigby (Co-Founder of The Women’s Work Lab). Delving into crucial topics such as neurodiversity, inclusivity, building confidence, and early education on diversity, the discussion sparked profound conversations and offered valuable insights to attendees. Panellists shared their experiences and insights, sparking thought-provoking conversations and offering valuable advice to attendees.

In addition to the enriching discussions, attendees had the opportunity to connect and forge meaningful relationships while networking. This provided a platform for individuals to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations within the business community.

Ellie Yates, Host and Head of Customer Success at Signable said: “Inspiring conversations and powerful connections were the highlight of our Women in Business Event. The discussions around neurodiversity and inclusivity shed light on important issues facing women in business today. It’s incredible to witness the impact that collaboration and shared experiences can have in driving positive change.

Helena Hills, CEO of TrueStart Coffee also added, International Women’s Day panels always go down an absolute treat and Signable puts on a beautiful and unique event. The attendees were delighted to be there and the atmosphere was fantastic, everyone was sharing personal stories and we reminded ourselves that we’re surrounded by an incredible community of women here in Bristol!”

Bianca Jones, Managing Director of EDP Training, added, “We were thrilled to have been part of the Women in Business event. As a Black and female led organisation I feel it’s important to have these events happening as much as possible to inspire others and hear different perspectives. The shared lived experiences and vulnerability of my fellow panellists were truly commendable and really highlighted the resilience and strength of WOMEN. This event underscored the power of inclusivity and empowerment in the workplace.”

Camilla Rigby, Co-Founder of The Women’s Work Lab, noted “The event had a lovely warm atmosphere with engaged guests who asked some thought-provoking questions. It’s always a joy to be part of the conversations on who we can make workplaces more accessible for everyone.”

Reflecting on the success of the Women in Business Event, Signable would like to express its gratitude to all attendees, panellists, and supporters who contributed to making the evening truly remarkable. Looking ahead, Signable remains devoted in its commitment to driving positive change and promoting a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment in its workplace. 

As we continue to grow and learn, Signable eagerly looks forward to its future events and initiatives that further our commitment to supporting women in business. Our goal is to inspire and create welcoming and inclusive environments where everyone can succeed.

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Interested in learning more from our esteemed speakers? Visit their websites for additional insights and information:

Helena Hills, CEO of TrueStart Coffee: https://www.truestartcoffee.com/ 

Bianca Jones, Managing Director of EDP Training: https://edptraining.co.uk/ 

Camilla Rigby, Co-Founder of The Women’s Work Lab: https://www.womensworklab.co.uk/ 

If you’re interested in learning more about Signable and exploring collaboration opportunities, feel free to reach out to Meg Clifford for more information.