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Signable is the perfect app for sending documents. Using eSignatures you can get your documents signed online, on any device, quickly and easily whilst we make sure the document is legally binding and secure.

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What is an Electronic Signature?

In simple terms, an electronic signature is the digital version of a paper-based method of signing signatures, on an electronic document.

But beyond being just a squiggle on a screen, they legally bind electronic documents, in just the same way as paper ones do.

Are Electronic Signatures Secure?

Our eSignatures are 100% safe and secure, with SSLencryption on every page you visit on the Signable website.  No one can snoop on your password or the documents you send & sign using our services.

Every action from the point of uploading is logged in a full audit trail that’s attached to the corresponding envelope in your account and we offer you the choice of password protecting anything you send with us, and it’s never, ever stored as plain text.

We comply with regulations set out by the eIDAS to ensure your documents are legally binding in any court. Here are some ways we have your back, legally.

When everyone’s signed the document, you’ll get a full copy of all signatures with a certificate showing you:

  • Each signing party
  • Dates, IP addresses, and fingerprints
  • A full audit log