Signable Product Updates – March 2022

Signable Product Updates – March 2022

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March! What a month. We started our March off at the annual company work retreat, where we danced, brainstormed, worked in close proximity to teams we wouldn’t usually – and the results are palatable.

We were able to align our goals for Signable as a group, and everyone had a part to play in the changes set before you. 

The last month was chockablock full of exciting updates to our app, and as the resident writer-upper of the monthly product update blogs, nothing could make me happier. 

We’ll go from the top…

Search on Templates page

Did someone say user friendly? We did! 

Previously, there was no search bar in the Templates section of our app. Customers will now be able to search for their templates at which we can expect to be welcomed with open arms by companies that rotate dozens of different templates. 

Update to PDF attachment options

The product team added a nifty little box to the final signed document. Usually, all final signed envelopes send out a PDF of the document to signers. Now, you can disable this function so your signers will only be able to view the envelope by clicking on the link in the email.

You can find this function at:  Company > Settings > Email settings > PDF attachment toggle

Updated fields copy/paste function 

Already in the full swing of things, our updated fields feature is proving very popular with over 500 users using this function everyday already. 

When signing a document, you can now delete fields easier, as well as setting up documents & templates faster by duplicating fields in seconds. 

Final word

We are very proud of these small but mighty additions that you can use at your perusal on our app. As always, we value your feedback and suggestions on our app and how to use it. 

We are still running our Signable User panel, where you can join the Signable user panel for a chance to help shape the functionality.

Join our Signable User Panel here!