eSignatures – The solution for remote working

A change in how we work…

Working remotely is meaning we all have to re-think our day-to-day. But, in times of change it’s great to evaluate your current methods and cut down spending time and money on out-dated processes.

Imagine your usual process of obtaining signatures. You print, send, wait for the signee to send the document back, and file. Or you meet them in person with a witness, they sign and you file the document. As your company becomes a remote company, it’s time to update that process. 

Sending the document or contract electronically cuts out most of these steps from your traditional process. So, you’ll be increasing your productivity when working remotely, meaning you can send, receive a signed document and file that document before lunch, without ever leaving your house.

Electronic signatures for remote working

Electronic signatures allow you to cut your admin time to keep things running smoothly, especially when you’re at home.

Thousands of companies are switching to Signable for working remotely, meaning they get their documents signed fast, easily and for an affordable price.

Electronic signatures can be used for documents like: 

  • Sales contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Accounting contracts
  • Freelance or ‘services for hire’ contracts
  • & many more!

Sending documents electronically

  • Fast & easy to set up documents
  • Use existing documents, uploaded via Word, Excel or PDF files
  • Personalisation to clients with merge fields
  • Add as many parties as you like
  • Sign the document yourself before it gets sent out
  • Fully customisable fields
  • Password protection option
  • Full audit log
  • Branded signing emails

Signing document electronically

  • Sign on any device, anywhere, including a mobile device
  • Easy user interface
  • Prompts that guide you through the signing page
  • 3 choices of electronic signature methods
  • High level of security for signers and senders
  • Download after signing to keep for records
  • Access to full audit log
  • Can upload ID photocopies & scans for ease
  • Professional look

What features are included?

Signable offers a range of features that are available across all our plans, so you won’t be slowed down by limited functionality. Features include full customer support for your remote teams, plus a whole host of other features below. 

Unlimited users for no extra charge

Free unlimited users, so your whole team can get the most out of Signable and keep their productivity high while they’re working from home.

Fully traceable with our detailed audit trail

Every document you send contains a detailed audit trail that shows every action that occurs on that document, so you can see who signed and when.

One-click reminders, so you never have to chase signatures

With everyone out of traditional offices, it’s easy to get distracted, so with the help of our reminders you can let Signable do the following-up.

Send and sign anywhere, on any device

With different time zones, a distributed team and remote employees you need to be able to send and sign whether you’re working remotely or not.

UK phone support with real un-scripted conversations

Despite our team being remote workers at the moment, we still offer 8-5pm (UK time) customer service every weekday. Email the team at or give us a call on 0800 612 6263.

Templates for fast, easy sending of the same document

No matter the type of work you do, you can speed up repetitive sending by setting up templates. Meaning you only have to set up your regularly sent documents once.

Working remotely?

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