How to sign a Signable document

What do I need to do to sign?

So you’ve been sent a Signable document to sign, but you’re not sure where to start?

If you’ve been sent a document to sign, you DO NOT need to sign up.

* Tip – It should say it’s from

2. Select the first field by clicking it once

* Tip – Fields look like boxes with a thin outline

3. Input the information you’re prompted for

* Tip – e.g. Name, address, upload your ID, date of signing etc.

4. Click ‘Next’ at the bottom-right to move to the next field & repeat…

* Tip – Or you can simply press ‘enter’ on your keyboard and you’ll automatically be taken to the next field you need to fill in

5. Choose how you’d like to sign:

  1. Type your signature
  2. Upload a picture of your signature
  3. Draw your signature

6. Check your information & click ‘Submit Document’

And that’s it!